Elaborate [adjective]

Definition of Elaborate:

intricate; involved

Opposite/Antonyms of Elaborate:

Sentence/Example of Elaborate:

Like many recent trends, they found initial popularity among K-pop fans, who created elaborate digital collages of bands.

There’s paradoxical thinking, or the elaborated social identity model.

This is exactly our time as advertisers to elaborate on the challenges that our audience can overcome by using the product.

It is difficult to execute elaborate productions and remain socially distant.

It might well mean data encryption, but the EDPC didn’t elaborate.

City spokesman Craig Gustafson would not elaborate on what led to Vacchi’s departure, citing personnel reasons.

The publisher has planned out three further issues and will monitor how many downloads and reads it drives, Hill said, without elaborating on specific targets.

In the 1980s, a mathematician named Vladimir Arnold elaborated the mathematical study of symplectic geometry.

So actually, I was pretty prepared to still check yes, because, he then elaborated that’s also the box that you check “yes” if you really want to help people.

The exedra was basically a large and often decorated room with elaborate mosaic floors.