Skillful [adjective]

Definition of Skillful:

able, talented

Synonyms of Skillful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skillful:

Sentence/Example of Skillful:

If she were skillful and played things right, who could tell?

If the Lenape are so skillful, why is one of their bravest warriors here?

The wary and skillful Johnston had another army, and he could not be far away.

His employer, seeing the skillful strokes of the broom, wondered.

The land is sandy and should have skillful handling to get the best results.

He was a skillful architect, and was deeply versed in the history of the nation.

The thirty performers were skillful musicians, and the effect was admirable.

The author, if skillful, can convey that information in other ways.

Under the skillful, schooled questioning, David grew communicative.

Skillful assistants were intrusted with particular lines of investigation.