Clumsy [adjective]

Definition of Clumsy:

not agile; awkward

Opposite/Antonyms of Clumsy:

Sentence/Example of Clumsy:

Reynolds and Mani are very good at playing hapless and clumsy with endearing rapport, and their general helplessness comes off not as a stale joke but as a concerning hint of things to come.

Here’s a practical guide to finding the glass out there for you, whether you’re frugal, clumsy, or just running out of kitchen space.

A cup holder, on the flat portion of the laptop tray, keeps mugs of coffee and tea from spilling—making this a great pick for even the clumsiest among us.

Truth be told, he’s always been a clumsy fit for this league of superstars with well-earned street cred — the Allen Iversons and Stephon Marburys.

Scientists tell us that from the point of view of optics the human eye is a clumsy instrument poorly contrived for its work.

With which magnanimous sentiment he turned on his clumsy heel, and entered his apartment again.

They merely used such instruments as fate offered, however trivial, however clumsy.

He loses sight of the supreme fact that after all, in its own poor, clumsy fashion, the machine does work.

When the owner can afford it, an ample supply of cushions and shawls makes the clumsy vehicle more comfortable for its occupant.

How clumsy seemed my own excuses for coming at all, compared to his pleasure at finding her at home!