Helpless [adjective]

Definition of Helpless:

incapable, incompetent; vulnerable

Opposite/Antonyms of Helpless:

Sentence/Example of Helpless:

As the pandemic and the rising casualty count dominated the news, people trying to avoid the virus have remained isolated at home, feeling helpless.

Leaf-cutting worker ants might look like they’d be helpless against an enemy soldier ant many times their size.

We didn’t realize it was a long journey until we realized how helpless we were.

To respect their wishes, I sat in the parched grass and waited, feeling helpless.

Looking at that newspaper in the middle of the American desert, I wondered whether it was now my turn to know familial loss and feel helpless.

The fingers of all the clocks in the house were revolving with the most extraordinary rapidity--she was helpless.

She was helpless, because she had said nothing all day of her appointment, and because Janet had not mentioned it either.

The keen resentment had faded from his face, but an immense reproach was there—a heavy, helpless, appealing reproach.

"Perhaps I can write to you," Hugh tried to console her, feeling horribly guilty and helpless.

But Bocardon, who had to account to higher powers, the proprietors of the hotel, was helpless.