Defenseless [adjective]

Definition of Defenseless:

powerless, vulnerable

Synonyms of Defenseless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defenseless:

Sentence/Example of Defenseless:

Through nine games of the 2020 season, the Colts defense has allowed the fewest yards of any defense in the NFL, just the kind of Ravens-esque unit he surely hoped to build.

One thing the National Landing area has going for it is a significant investment in digital infrastructure because of the long-term existence of government and defense offices in the area.

He doesn’t have a defense circle because everyone around him is out for themselves.

Mangroves are also less effective in densely populated areas, and here, says Dasgupta, embankments should be built and maintained scrupulously as a second line of defense.

The club’s 19,000-volume library holds books on military science, foreign policy, defense and espionage.

With an up-and-coming quarterback and an aggressive defense, Indiana is fielding its best team in a long time by just about every efficiency metric.

On offense, Villanova coach Jay Wright believes Bey can even play some point guard, while his defense could be even more versatile.

They’re playing strong defense, have the best special teams EPA in the league, and doing a lot of things we might attribute to a well-prepared team.

The snake battled with the toad’s toxic defenses before finally winning.

You’ve previously pointed to defense, but you also think there is space for new social media companies—for example, you invested in Clubhouse.