Pigeon [adjective]

Definition of Pigeon:

powerless, vulnerable

Synonyms of Pigeon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pigeon:

Sentence/Example of Pigeon:

This, however, was before I had brought the Pigeon Charmer into the car.

Pies may be made of any of these birds in the same manner as a pigeon pie.

She is not so infallible a markswoman, but that she might shoot at a crow and kill a pigeon.

Do you follow gently, and if there be a pigeon in the pot in all Germany.

The figure represents the back of the pigeon; and the direction of the knife is in the line c, b, by a, if done the last way.

Dunn took the photos from the rack and threw them into a pigeon hole.

Then from a pigeon hole in his desk he took a packet of papers and selected one.

Nigh as I could make out from his pigeon English he was tellin' me there was a cup there.

The count was spinning a pigeon English yarn of how he'd fought a duel with rapiers.

"Hasn't the pluck of a pigeon when it comes to the push," he muttered.