Strong [adjective]

Definition of Strong:

healthy, powerful

Synonyms of Strong:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strong:

Sentence/Example of Strong:

He seemed to make a strong effort to check some sudden impulse.

The spirit of the strong man was moved, and he trembled like a leaf shaken by the wind.

Of this, there is an impression on my mind too strong to admit of doubt.

He took his uncle up in his strong arms, and moved toward the stairs.

And never had she been so girlishly appealing to all that was strong in him as a man.

The wind was strong from the westward, accompanied with light showers all day.

So she seeks Blanche, as she would any other strong stimulant.

Never mind me, mother; I'm young and strong, I can stand work—but it's hard on you.

Even Hope's strong constitution felt the shock of this adventure.

Would he be strong or weak; and what would be weakness, and what strength, in a position so strange?