Stark [adjective]

Definition of Stark:

utter, absolute

Synonyms of Stark:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stark:

Sentence/Example of Stark:

Now, there was stark wonder in his eyes as he put the question.

A bullet strikes the lock of Stark's gun, and renders it useless.

Stark, with a part of the Rangers, made a dash and captured seven prisoners.

But stark fear and the memory of unendurable pain drove him on.

He listened to her stark with anguish, yet in utter submission.

But his wife was dying from the hardships she had suffered, due to stark poverty.

He is not in his right mind, said Ctesippus; he is talking nonsense, and is stark mad.

We'll both be stark, ravin' distracted if we keep on this way.

They are stark mad with curiosity, and unable for a spell to say a word to us.

Stark and cruelly naked they lay there, pulsing with life that should not have been.