Covered [adjective]

Definition of Covered:

provided with a cover

Synonyms of Covered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Covered:

Sentence/Example of Covered:

With a suffocating gasp, she fell back into the chair on which she sat, and covered her face with her hands.

C was a Captain, all covered with lace; D was a drunkard, and had a red face.

Keep closely covered with a bell glass and, in a few weeks, more or less, the baby Ferns will start to put in an appearance.

There lay Bob Rock, covered with blood, and apparently insensible.

About her neck was hung a covered basket and a door-key; and Davy at once concluded that she was Sindbad's house-keeper.

In the aperture of the window, amid piles of paper, stood a rickety old table, covered with dust.

When I went out he accompanied me to the door, took my hand in both of his and said, "To-day you've covered yourself with glory!"

Louis had covered his raging temples with his hand, and he hastened forward with distracted swiftness.

And thou wast filled as a river with wisdom, and thy soul covered the earth.

Ramona had covered the box with white cloth, and the lace altar-cloth thrown over it fell in folds to the floor.