Unheeded [adjective]

Definition of Unheeded:


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Sentence/Example of Unheeded:

This was the commanding verdict of the people, and it will not be unheeded.

Though her presence was altogether an intrusion, it was unheeded.

She sat there and thought, and the wind still struck upon her unheeded.

His spectacles fell from his nose into his lap and lay there unheeded.

Mr. Ginn, who seemed a trifle suspicious, called after him, but the call was unheeded.

He stood in thought whilst, unheeded by him, Arsenio prattled at his elbow.

Either O'Rorke, however, did not understand the gesture, or he unheeded it.

The hours swam on unheeded, while they rested there face to face.

McCloud put up his hand in protest, but it was 118 unheeded.

This appeal to the knowledge of Richard was too flattering to be unheeded.