Disobeyed [verb]

Definition of Disobeyed:

disregard rules; refuse to conform

Opposite/Antonyms of Disobeyed:

Sentence/Example of Disobeyed:

To make sure his orders should not be disobeyed, he embarked last, after seeing that all was safe.

Kurt was very glad when Mea entered at that moment, for he had really disobeyed his mother's repeated instructions in the matter.

I'd got my men all ready, and not one would have disobeyed me.

Of a master who never forgives, the orders are seldom disobeyed.

I ought either to have disobeyed your letter and kept your stock and my own, or have done just what I did.

Las Vegas disobeyed his first orders from Mrs. Tom Carmichael and rode out after her toward the green-rising range.

Admiral Graves disobeyed in like manner, and the other ships of the line also continued the action.

In practice none ever disobeyed this law of advancement more signally than Ralegh in relation to James.

Out of accord with his countryman, Chrzanovsky, he disobeyed his orders and lingered at Stradella.

Among the clergy generally ritual observance was neglected and rubrical directions disobeyed.