Unnoticed [adjective]

Definition of Unnoticed:


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Sentence/Example of Unnoticed:

The irregularity of the proceeding was unnoticed in the tense excitement.

The shop was so full of people, that we stood for some minutes unnoticed.

Thus he went about until nine years had passed by unnoticed.

I might, unnoticed, of course, snatch a bun from its grasp now and then.

Issy smiled, and the ghastliness of that smile was unnoticed by his companions.

I left the house, as I thought, unnoticed and secure from detection.

But no: I was unnoticed and unobserved; and even this hurt me still more.

The comrades could get their meals there, unnoticed amongst the other customers.

He drew me unnoticed into the shadow behind the bishop's stall.

The fumes of the place seemed to circulate about her unnoticed.