Undiscovered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undiscovered:

She soon cut the fifty yards down to ten, and the ten to five, and still was undiscovered.

I have approached by the most devious and undiscovered paths.

Every man has within himself a continent of undiscovered character.

Even little girls cannot slip out of existence like that, undiscovered.

Undiscovered, that is to say, by those by whom discovery would have meant calamity.

Circle after circle was made, and still the earlier track was undiscovered.

Take me away, away into the undiscovered countries to the southward.

And for him, who knew nothing of the earth, England was an undiscovered country.

And from that time an undiscovered feeling had held between the two men.

Wouldn't it be jolly if it should prove to be a new, undiscovered animal!