Hidden [adjective]

Definition of Hidden:

unseen, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Hidden:

Sentence/Example of Hidden:

The molecules shake, and this boost in molecular movement manifests itself as heat — a seemingly hidden heat called latent heat.

This is to prevent one company from gaining an advantage over the other due to hidden contacts with government officials, whether accidental or corrupt.

BERT is what is known as a “masked language model,” because its training consists of learning how to correctly guess what a hidden word in a text is.

However, the parity of outcomes must mean that some hidden factor gives southpaws a substantial advantage over right-handed pitchers that offsets that skill gap.

Choose end tables and coffee tables with drawers or hidden storage.

When Moreau and his colleagues heard about them, they realized there could be lots more hidden throughout the region’s deep, limestone caves.

Fratt inspects the area closely and pulls out a hidden vial.

"Better so," was the Senora's sole reply; and she fell again into still deeper, more perplexed thought about the hidden treasure.

A small book, bound in full purple calf, lay half hidden in a nest of fine tissue paper on the dressing-table.

So it commands the other sciences in all the wonderful and hidden things of nature and art (pp. 510-511).