Public [adjective]

Definition of Public:

community, general

Synonyms of Public:

Opposite/Antonyms of Public:

Sentence/Example of Public:

The public road was thronged with people on their way to Olympia.

The public offices at Albany were finished shortly after my arrival.

You will never find us taking advantage of the necessities of the public.

His forte was not in public speaking, but he hoped they would take the will for the deed.

The Legislature is the watchful guardian over the public purse.

It is the constitutional method of ascertaining the public will.

Wastefulness, profligacy, or favoritism in public expenditures is criminal.

Division on public questions can no longer be traced by the war maps of 1861.

The only constitutional tax is the tax which ministers to public necessity.

The red-headed fellow we call Jeff is better known to the public as Jeff Rankin.