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The people leaving New York are disproportionately older, richer, more established professionals — people who need the city less.

The video fueled a rumor that the Illinois National Guard was being sent to the city to put it on “lockdown.”

Dueñas said authorities threatened him when he publicly questioned police mistreatment of LGBTQ people in Cárdenas, a city adjacent to Matanzas.

In Delaware, Beebe Healthcare, a hospital in the city of Lewes that serves the Rehoboth Beach area, was one of five Delaware hospitals to receive a score of 100 in the 2020 Healthcare Equality Index report.

They took over a big chunk of the city, 20 percent of the city.

Further down the ballot, the left is watching some local primaries closely, to see if they can repeat the breakthroughs they've been pulling off in other state races for city and legislative offices.

Hurricane Andrew reduced parts of cities to landfill and cost insurers nearly $16 billion in payouts.

Two other trainee attendees work at a youth clinic in Francistown, a city in eastern Botswana near the country’s border with Zimbabwe, and a third is from the nearby village of Mandunyane.

Inexorably, the novel coronavirus marched across the United States, spreading from New York City and Seattle into the smaller cities and then the suburbs and rural communities.

Along with the city, it put $16 million toward rental assistance, forestalling evictions.