Municipal [adjective]

Definition of Municipal:

concerning cities

Synonyms of Municipal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Municipal:

Sentence/Example of Municipal:

My brother belongs to the municipal council, and it's through him that I know it.

For I should say that a signal honour of a municipal character has just been done me.

The Act is a municipal law, and a foreign nation has nothing to do with it.

The strike of the municipal workers in Warsaw was short-lived.

This is prerogative, and not to be limited by our municipal rules.

American government, (a) National, (b) State and local, (c) Municipal.2.

The bill for Municipal Suffrage was then defeated by 14 yeas, 24 nays.

On March 14 Municipal Suffrage was discussed in open session.

On February 26 the latter gave a hearing for Municipal Suffrage.

Municipal and Presidential Suffrage were lost without a roll-call.