Civil [adjective]

Definition of Civil:

civic, community

Synonyms of Civil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Civil:

Sentence/Example of Civil:

Malcolm was incarcerated for several years and went on to mobilize thousands on issues of both civil and human rights.

To create lasting community change, meaningful reforms should also be a component of civil settlements.

I would say that with civil disturbance type operations, we’re reluctant because there are many things that can go wrong.

I've had long conversations with the civil rights community here to say that I recognize that he would have been a great assistant attorney general for civil rights.

The city and the district attorney listed multiple “Does” on each injunction upon the initial filing, so that law enforcement could add people in the future without having to file another civil injunction.

The case has resulted in on-going civil and criminal litigation on both sides of the Atlantic.

Restricting civil liberties and freedom of expression is not an acceptable solution.

Intuit faces several other investigations and civil lawsuits related to its marketing of free tax filing.

Teens across the country have been at the forefront of today’s civil rights movement, organizing and demanding change.

With so much financial and civil unrest, advertisers are marketing in a faster-moving marketplace, and that means two things.