Civilian [adjective]

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So these are databases created in a civilian context, and they’re trying to use them for immigration.

Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistan’s former planning minister and opposition MP, says that the proposed CPEC Authority was “superfluous” and weakened the civilian government while ceding even more responsibility to the military.

Saudi Arabia has made clear that if Iran moves toward a credible nuclear weapons program, it’ll turn its civilian energy reactors into a bomb-making machine.

The first federal involvement in the civilian housing market was one of the first New Deal agencies, the Public Works Administration, that built the first public housing in this country for civilians.

"I thought you'd like to see this mountain battery, Fetherston," exclaimed the general, addressing the other civilian.

The leaders of the little Panay army and their civilian colleagues had to be compensated for their acceptance of American rule.

Washington, during his Presidency, showed his ability to lead in civilian affairs as well as in military affairs.

Thus, did Virginians—military and civilian—strive to help the Confederate cause in which they so strongly believed.

Within the federal civilian group, approximately 70% are employed by the Department of Defense.

However, when civilian government and military personnel are combined, government employment surpasses manufacturing employment.