Interior [adjective]

Definition of Interior:

inside, central

Synonyms of Interior:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interior:

Sentence/Example of Interior:

The exterior duvet is machine washable, but you’ll want to hand-wash the interior blanket.

Images of the shell’s interior revealed two holes that had been chipped into spiral layers just beneath the opening, likely to hold the mouthpiece in place.

The interior is lined with fleece that contains heat coils that can stay active for up to five hours.

As mentioned earlier, toaster ovens reach high temps through high wattage, but this process takes further delicate engineering and is facilitated by using multiple heating elements and placing them in specific areas of the oven’s interior.

These hues, often rich and dark, evoke shadowy interiors and midnight skies.

The interior of the glove is made of cotton, and the exterior is a mix of lambskin and polyester.

As for the palace’s interior, FBK produced visuals based on descriptions and photos from workers at the residence.

The windiest parts of the country—often in the interior regions like the Great Plains—have fewer people to use that power than crowded coastal cities.

Parts of motors, interior components, scraping from the rocket fins, liquids they thought might have been leftover fuel… anything and everything that was of any consequence was stripped and taken.

If the planet was crumbling, they’d need rich interior lives.