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I needed a gut check on my own grim musings, so I called Pedro Noguera, dean of the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California.

Even humans contain at least as many bacterial cells as “self” cells, the microbes in our gut inextricably linked with our development, physiology and survival.

As the heart, lungs, gut and other organs transmit information to the brain, they affect how we perceive and interact with our environment in surprisingly profound ways.

The gut diversity of people in the United States is almost half that of the most isolated Amerindians living in South America, she says.

It takes guts to attempt running across the surface of a pool of liquid goop, even if it is oobleck.

Genetic analysis of the poop and gut contents revealed crown-of-thorns DNA in 30 of the fish, representing at least 18 different fish species.

Everson also found that the guts of sleep-deprived rats grew leaky, releasing bacteria into the animals’ bloodstreams.

Studies of how our gut and brain communicate are relatively new.

For example, the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica can infect the human gut.

These can enter our bodies through the skin, lungs, nose or gut.