Involuntary [adjective]

Definition of Involuntary:

automatic; not done willingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Involuntary:

Sentence/Example of Involuntary:

How would the involuntary accusation have been embittered, had he known that the Empress drew the same conclusion!

The nick-name of Gigonnet was applied to Bidault on account of a feverish, involuntary contraction of a leg muscle.

Her voice defied, almost repelled him; but her face turned to him with its involuntary surrender.

The act was involuntary, for at once dropping his arm he ordered his men to extinguish the fire and to see I did not escape.

There the lion is placed, the involuntary symbol of the supreme heroism of the Imperial Guard.

An involuntary smile parted his lips each time he looked at the shop, where, in fact, there were some laughable details.

As if with a blind, involuntary instinct for protection, she stepped forward into the moonlight, and stood there motionless.

Involuntary revelations flow from creation; hints of science fall from it unconsciously and are absorbed by the ignorant.

May she live to need the same assurance on her homeward journey, was one's involuntary thought.

Nervous riders, like nervous horses, are those in whom involuntary muscular contractions persist the most obstinately.