Reluctant [adjective]

Definition of Reluctant:

unenthusiastic, unwilling

Synonyms of Reluctant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reluctant:

Sentence/Example of Reluctant:

They both said that they were reluctant to send him to prison.

Yes, his voice was reluctant; but he went at once towards the house and disappeared.

The Hermit is silent; for, as we have said, he is reluctant in making such confessions.

When the price of wool is high, the farmers are too reluctant to sell off their sheep, and thus become liable to an overstock.

But such disturbers of the order of thought Hegel is reluctant to acknowledge.

Pearson was reluctant, but he could think of no reasonable excuse.

I did not know then that Mildred was reluctant to extinguish the last spark of hope in me.

Thither I allowed her to lead me, at once eager and reluctant.

"Oh, we're celebrating," he said, rubbing his hands over the reluctant blaze.

He was reluctant to exhaust a cartridge unless it was an absolute necessity.