Queasy [adjective]

Definition of Queasy:

not feeling well; not comfortable

Synonyms of Queasy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Queasy:

Sentence/Example of Queasy:

Something indefinable, a queasy feeling, took Beardsley about the middle.

But midway the eighteenth century they were not so queasy–stomached.

She turned ashen about the mouth, and a queasy feeling sickened her.

It was like pressing upon a queasy invalid the sweets which had made him sick.

Sir John waited at his hotel for Queasy, who had promised to call to let him know when the ladies f would go to Tunbridge.

With a return of that queasy feeling he had known in the tower, Travis knew Manulito was speaking sense.

I had a queasy sense that I wore my last dry clothes upon my body.

Alone with her, and in the all-concealing dusk, his queasy pride was not obliged to take up arms.

Many a man thus begins the great voyage with queasy sensibilities, and ends it a cannibal.

The first step through into the other world was a queasy one, but it turned out to be much the same as any other step.