Groggy [adjective]

Definition of Groggy:

dizzy, stunned

Synonyms of Groggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Groggy:

Sentence/Example of Groggy:

Nasablay sa ring ang buksidur dihang nagrúgi siya, The boxer leaned on the ropes when he became groggy.

"He's groggy," he heard voices say, and then came the welcome splash of the sponge.

"Very groggy," said Harriet, regarding the word as one belonging to fair sporting phraseology.

In the second place, the driver was drunk, and the horse was groggy, and the fiacre was in the last stage of dilapidation.

The buzz of groggy conversation was suddenly impinged on by the notes of a peal of bells from the tower hard by.

He was as weak as a kitten and so groggy on his pins that he could hardly stand up.

My head was unspeakably groggy, and I had quite lost my memory.

Although he was still groggy, he was fighting, driven by the fear which whipped them all—time was one of their foremost enemies.

At first the pony was very groggy and dopey, but as his head cleared he started to struggle.

When the Boss o' the camp looked up and saw the prodigal coming along, rather groggy on his legs, he just stood still a moment.