Nauseated [adjective]

Definition of Nauseated:

feeling nausea

Synonyms of Nauseated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nauseated:


Sentence/Example of Nauseated:

Fear so great that it nauseated him, swept over him in waves; but he could not move.

The very thought of the half-cooked food sickened him––nauseated him.

The odor that sickened and nauseated the exploring man was everywhere.

It was a sort of bread-fruit, but he was too nauseated to eat, and rejected it with disgust.

He wanted to act—had to act now—but his fear made him nauseated and weak.

At any other time it would have nauseated him, but now he drank to his capacity.

Inwardly, though, she was nauseated by the thought that she was being laughed at.

I am nauseated; I will go to bed; I prefer sleeping to eating.

Fleetwood cried, and he appeared as nauseated and perplexed as he felt.

Nauseated, he crawled away from the dead, grotesque-looking figure.