Anxious [adjective]

Definition of Anxious:

worried, tense

Opposite/Antonyms of Anxious:

Sentence/Example of Anxious:

If you’re anxious about running into problems exercising your right to vote this election, you’re not alone.

After cost concerns ended prospective bids including from Hamburg, Budapest, Boston and Rome, the IOC was anxious to secure the future of the world’s biggest event for the next decade and persuaded Los Angeles to step aside for four years.

Suddenly, people were at home all day, feeling anxious and fearful about the future and spending a lot more time online.

In this anxious environment, consumers don’t want to waste time or visit stores on the off chance they’ll find what they’re looking for.

The educational value of its products, which the company has been touting for a while, has become a major selling point for parents anxious about their kids’ education.

Months into the pandemic and its economic fallout, a lot of workers are feeling understandably anxious and insecure about the future.

Chirag Thakkar, a commissioning editor at a New Delhi–headquartered publisher, is similarly anxious.

When you try to force the opening of schools in a not-ready zone, you lose the trust of people, even ones who were anxious to reopen, or have their kids go to school.

The mass shift to remote work since the onset of Covid-19 has created plenty of problems for employees, from the rise of anxious micromanagers to aching backs from long hours working without ergonomic office chairs.

Caleigh Stanier, from Iowa City, turned off Twitter notifications, for instance, when she realized the tweets were leaving her anxious.