Scared [adjective]

Definition of Scared:


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Sentence/Example of Scared:

She could feel the shears against her hair, and she was so scared she swore like he told her.

And that minute he turned me from a scared kid into an outlaw—a killer.

When he got on my trail he knew that I was just a scared kid who thought he'd killed a man.

A scared, round face peered out at Andrew from behind his mother.

I've been scared about Dirk ever since; and now he won't go to Poke's!

Say, there was a scared Irishman, if you ever saw one in your life.

She looked white and scared, and he could feel her hands chill and tremble.

Do you remember that night on the Embankment when we were both so scared of getting married?

His scared eyes blazed with indignation: it would hurt terribly.

I was going to do it every night till I scared him into sleeping in the house.