Aghast [adjective]

Definition of Aghast:

horrified; very surprised

Synonyms of Aghast:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aghast:

Sentence/Example of Aghast:

Consequently the horrified spectators, having for a moment looked on aghast, fled precipitately from the room.

It sent a shiver through me, and even old Piegan stood aghast at the malevolent determination of the man.

Then she showed of what she was capable, and the Colonel looked on aghast, wondering what he should do when Jake was gone.

To say that the party looked aghast at this sudden catastrophe, would be to give but a feeble idea of the state of their minds.

They paused, aghast, and they turned ashen; and then in the mind of each arose the same explanation of this phenomenon.

Even the priests of the false gods, aghast with horror at his crimes, exclaimed, There is no expiation for deeds like these.

Virginia Wilson murmured aghast, when the introductions and first greetings were over.

The father was aghast; he whispered hurriedly, "Pull, for God's sake; she'll roll him overboard before we get up."

Eva, aghast, staring with set eyes at her work, had not moved from her crouching posture.

At Genevieve's aghast exclamation, however, she raised her head determinedly and began to wipe her eyes.