Astounded [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Astounded:

The matchup astounded John, adding that the two countries, as investment options, couldn’t be any more different.

Astounded at this stroke of luck, Matt and Clip, for a moment, could do no more than stare at each other.

Christendom looked astounded upon the spectacle of a barbarian invasion bursting forth from the cellars and garrets of Paris.

He lunched at Brooks', and astounded an elderly member of the House by putting her problem to him.

I am astounded, and do not know how to express all my respect for your artistic temperament.

Chicot looked astounded; he had so often seen Gorenflot feast in a different manner during Lent.

I saw him rise from his chair; I saw the astounded look of old Deborah Preen when she came in with his supper ale in a jug.

But how those astounded artillery men—those of them who could run at all—did scamper out of there.

They were startled, and brutus astounded, for he was fully persuaded George and Robinson had ceased to exist.

In a few moments I became insensible, but when I awoke an hour later I was astounded to feel a curious soreness in my ears.