Agape [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Agape:

A mother’s love is unearned and the truest definition of agape love which exists.

The family provided a photo of Carmelo standing on a small table, his tiny mouth agape, decked out in stylish clothes — a tie-dye shirt, stonewashed jeans and baby Air Jordan sneakers.

It lay there facing us, talons extended and agape, ready to shred any flesh within striking distance.

Dobson, mouth agape, struck a little bell on the desk and the orderly stepped in from the outer room.

In her dim, cushioned corner Mollie Gretna lay back against the wall, her face pale and her weak mouth foolishly agape.

Clip stared at him for a moment, with jaws agape, then trundled his motor-cycle forward and lifted it into the rumble.

Their eyes fixed, their mouths agape, their hands clasped, they listened with increasing avidity to the Gascon adventurer.

There is no use of secrecy, where all the world is already agape.

It was so bold an impudence that the citizens stood agape, scarcely able to believe their ears.

"Allee samee," chuckled Pong, who had been taking in the scene with mouth and eyes agape.