Unafraid [adjective]

Definition of Unafraid:


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Sentence/Example of Unafraid:

She was apt not only to know what she talked about, but she was a woman of resource, unafraid of action.

He, on the other hand, being the fastest-footed, was unafraid to venture anywhere.

I was sure-footed and unafraid, so at once I determined to essay the passage.

Unafraid, they caressed the unconscious locks, anointing them for their burial.

Then, too, she was unafraid and all ready to make a lively commotion.

The girl met Colwyn's grave glance with clear, unafraid eyes.

So she “stood in her lot” strong and unafraid, whatever might befall.

Henry meanwhile slept the sleep of one who was weary and unafraid.

All about him the birds fluttered and hopped and gossiped and foraged, unafraid.

Instinctively now they knew her unafraid, and they did not venture to badger her.