Courageous [adjective]

Definition of Courageous:

brave, bold

Opposite/Antonyms of Courageous:

Sentence/Example of Courageous:

It’s time for the courageous few to step forward and tell your stories so we can speak truth to power and bring about justice for all.

As we shared on Friday, we’ll close out Tuesday’s programming with a new conversation about courageous leadership with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.

“There is great hope in America’s future if we’re courageous enough to confront the past,” he adds.

Since our nation’s founding, so many courageous Americans have risked so much on buses, bridges, and battlefields so that we might enjoy our democratic freedoms, and so that we might continue the work of making our union more perfect.

“At a time when people across the nation are calling for a fairer, more just society, we must empower and equip students and educators to have these courageous conversations in the classroom,” Thurmond said.

She chatted freely, discoursed on almost every topic, and during it all he saw what a wonderfully courageous woman she was.

None knew better than Victoria the value and rarity of a free and courageous soul.

The Virginia Assembly rewarded Pharaoh for his courageous act by giving him complete freedom.

It is a true saying that, if there were no dames nor damsels in the world, men would be less courageous.

He was a man of eminently fair character, upright, courageous and independent.