Doughty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Doughty:

At the mention of the doughty Scot I pounded the floor with my crutch and repeated "Dug—dug—dug."

The twain of them were doughty men, and noble in England, and both were very sage and well-beloved by the King.

It was a dismal hour for the proud court of the doughty governor.

If you only knew of all Galeazzo's doughty deeds on the journey!

The men refused this wager of battle, but fortune favored this doughty little cavalier, for presently a great storm arose.

It was from this doughty ancestor of blessed memory that John Walter Seymour lineally descended.

Sir Edward Doughty married in 1827, and had an only son, who died before he attained the age of six years.

Thus appealed to, the doughty commodore permitted his two unmatched optics to rest mournfully upon his shipmates.

There is mention of a certain doughty captain, Colombo by name, as leading one part of this expeditionary force.

On the former he caused one of his party, a Master Doughty, to be put to death for alleged insubordination.