Awesome [adjective]

Definition of Awesome:


Opposite/Antonyms of Awesome:

Sentence/Example of Awesome:

The sudden pall of darkness in this strange house of mystery was just a tiny bit awesome.

There was the awesome efficiency of wolfsbane with its deadly store of aconite.

It would need awesome circumstances indeed to send a modern Vice-Chancellor through the night to inquire of an astrologer.

This weird conception of those awesome saints I had gained out of the books of the scholastics and church fathers.

Then an awesome silence ensued, broken only by the bold chirp of an unabashed robin successfully hunting worms in the grass-plot.

Still that awesome personage presiding over the fortunes of the First-Readers failed to return.

His face lost something of its human aspect, a nimbus of fire played about his awesome head, and like a moving tower he came on.

She was almost out of sight around the planet when she ran head-on into it, and vanished in an awesome blaze.

If you think this is awesome,” Mary laughed, “wait until we pass through those gates.

The awesome news which Licinia thus blurted out was but a confirmation of what Dea had already feared.