Dreadful [adjective]

Definition of Dreadful:

horrible, frightening

Synonyms of Dreadful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreadful:

Sentence/Example of Dreadful:

I guess the reason it needs a lot of chocolate is the actual cookie is rather dreadful.

As a glasses-noob suffering from the dreadful fog myself, I turned to the internet for answers.

She is a threat to its isolation, its purity, and its unknowable and dreadful secrets.

If there were to be any sort of silver lining to dreadful circumstances, this was it.

Toronto’s offense checks in just outside the top 10 for the full season, and it’s been dreadful during the restart.

The conflict in Tom's puzzled heart sharpened that evening into dreadful edges that cut him mercilessly whichever way he turned.

He could not bear to open his dreadful situation to his Uncle David, nor to kill himself, nor to defy the vengeance of Longcluse.

At other times they have a dreadful look of being fibs invented for the purpose of covering a fault.

Nevertheless, this world of mankind to-day seems to me to be a very sinister and dreadful world.

She had wakened up in the night, and perceived with dreadful clearness that trouble lay in front of her.