Tremendous [adjective]

Definition of Tremendous:

huge, overwhelming

Opposite/Antonyms of Tremendous:

Sentence/Example of Tremendous:

One cannot stand in this presence and be unmindful of the tremendous responsibility.

The picture, with all its tremendous coloring, was finished.

To the electors of Frome he spoke of the tremendous responsibility of the Ministers.

Undoubtedly he was possessed of a tremendous regard for the girl Allis.

We had a tremendous passage home--one of the worst I ever experienced at sea.

But the weight was so tremendous that they began to give ground.

Then ensued the most tremendous scene through which Dick had yet passed.

But our command of the water has surely been a tremendous help.

The tremendous shaking had made her dizzy, and she lost her memory for some days.

It seemed as if this tremendous Truth could make the dumb speak.