Fearful [adjective]

Definition of Fearful:

alarmed, apprehensive

Opposite/Antonyms of Fearful:

Sentence/Example of Fearful:

She softened my heart amid fearful isolation when it might otherwise have hardened in self-defense.

When investors are fearful, they tend to buy up these securities, pushing down Treasury bond yields and causing the yield curve to invert.

If someone is fearful of getting a vaccine, we will speak to them privately about how we can best support them.

Among the economic lesson of 2020 is that fearful consumers means less economic activity.

Anxiety makes you feel bad physically, and those physical symptoms feel like danger, so you become even more fearful and anxious, which only makes the symptoms worse.

Research has shown that mice can “catch” the emotions of an injured or fearful fellow.

Jones, the Council member, said he is fearful of how Lemon Grove would change with the county telling it what to do.

She said she has already been in touch with undocumented workers fearful of getting tested because they think it requires showing documents or proving their legal status.

Even though he was only 6 at the time, he picked up on the fact that when his father came back into our lives, I was fearful of him and our dog hated him.

As businesses of all sizes welcome a fearful and anxious workforce back to the office, they are simultaneously challenged with ensuring a safe work environment.