Disquieted [verb]

Definition of Disquieted:

worry; make uneasy

Synonyms of Disquieted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disquieted:

Sentence/Example of Disquieted:

A few years before, he would have gone home, no more disquieted at having killed an Indian than if he had killed a fox or a wolf.

It might be imagined that the proximity of human intelligence disquieted them, and that they revolted against it.

The night following I could not sleep, and was disquieted in conscience, especially on account of the money.

Even what she had heard disquieted her conscience; and next day she said she scarcely reckoned as a maiden lady any longer.

Gerard made no reply; but there was a look in his face which mightily disquieted his employer.

I looked into Hildreth Baxter's face with caution, strangely disquieted, but proud to be outwardly self-possessed.

Now, both father and son were deeply disquieted at the menace of a fresh up-flaring.

They tried to conceal their condition from the Faithful as much as possible, but they were all very nervous and disquieted.

His was an agitated walk from the Albany to Whitehall, where he resumed his duties moody and disquieted.

One thing disquieted the Ylfing's offspring, and the woman who had the child brought forth.