Fluster [noun]

Definition of Fluster:

perturbation, upset

Synonyms of Fluster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluster:

Sentence/Example of Fluster:

There was no longer any fluster of doubt and hesitation in his manner.

The three sisters took care of themselves and their house with the elegant ease and lack of fluster of gentlewomen born and bred.

The Doctor said that he should himself bear them company, leaving the "younger men" to "fume and fluster and explore."

For all his affectation of leisureliness and her obvious fluster, no doubt about it, Joe was gaining on her.

Thus you will have plenty of time to make it to suit you, with no one to look on and fluster or confuse you.

She said this but still did not release his arm, and suddenly, in a fluster, he felt that the time he dreaded had come.

So instead of departing in a fluster, she sat down heavily in order to contemplate them at her ease.

She hastened in to her mother, who was rapidly working herself into a Sunday fluster.

Hit don't becomst de quality ter fluster demse'ves over de gwines on uv er low-lifeted fowl.

In an instant the Hermit of the Silver Girdle was in a very great and unprecedented fluster.