Unsettle [verb]

Definition of Unsettle:

bother, upset

Synonyms of Unsettle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsettle:

Sentence/Example of Unsettle:

I am unused to such as these, gentlemen,—they unsettle—they unman me.

Anything that could unsettle the public opinion in the capital was to be avoided.

If you move about much you're likely to unsettle the clot and start it again.

And, not knowing him so well as I did afterwards, I feared lest I should unsettle him.

She will unsettle half the young Sisters, and turn the heads of half the others.

In Europe it will unsettle every throne but one—that is, Israel, England.

He believed in education, provided it did not unsettle things.

Metaphysicians can unsettle things, but they can erect nothing.

When I came she told me she hoped I had no relations to unsettle me.

Do you go with us, and unsettle your mind for the university?