Unnerve [verb]

Definition of Unnerve:

upset, intimidate

Synonyms of Unnerve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnerve:

Sentence/Example of Unnerve:

If a single scream could unnerve me that much it had to be bad.

Lou felt that they were wandering from the point, and that in digression Alexandra might unnerve him.

He dared not look at her while he spoke, lest seeing her should unnerve him altogether.

Don't try to talk; such a sight is enough to unnerve any man.

This question, simple as it was, seemed to both terrify and unnerve her.

Small wonder that the sight of a gray habit was enough to unnerve the man.

To know it to a certainty, would only tend to unnerve and dishearten us.

She felt that something dreadful must have happened to unnerve him so.

It staggered Ramsay and sent him reeling, but it did not unnerve him.

Fear did not unnerve her, nor anxiety stay her hands in any thing.