Disarm [verb]

Definition of Disarm:

render defenseless

Synonyms of Disarm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disarm:

Sentence/Example of Disarm:

Another way to disarm these thoughts is watch them pass by in your mind’s eye, as if they were leaves in a stream or drifting clouds.

There, the molecular complex fulfills its role as genetic scissors, cutting the viral DNA and disarming the invader.

It was with the utmost difficulty that his wiser subordinates got him to disarm the sepoy regiments in Agra itself.

The soldiers were employed to disarm the people; but they had now advanced too far to be easily reduced.

It was but a little while afterward that the Legislature passed a law to disarm all the Union men of the State.

But, notwithstanding all this, their rule was brief; they were unable to disarm the spirit of hostility.

It is a far better and braver thing to bear bullying with such a mixture of spirit and good-humour, as in time to disarm it.

As they approached, one of the Rangers stretched out his hand to disarm the major.

Fenrir leaped at his throat and Humbolt shouted the quick command: "Disarm!"

The patience and moderation of the Government will gradually disarm these men.