Subdue [verb]

Definition of Subdue:

keep under control; moderate

Opposite/Antonyms of Subdue:

Sentence/Example of Subdue:

Oh, strong, strong are the ties of flesh, and hard it is to subdue the spirit!

She looked at him with a nervous repugnance to his appearance, which she tried to subdue.

In vain the Woman Perfect struggled to subdue her mirth to penitence.

Every attempt to subdue or extirpate them, has proved abortive.

He was as utterly unable to prevent or subdue this fear, as he was to prevent his breathing.

When Hermione understood this she remained where she was, trying to subdue even her breathing.

He tried to close his senses, to subdue and annihilate them.

You have, as my country had, a vast continent with savage nature to subdue.

"Paul, he is conscious," she cried in a voice that her anxiety could not subdue.

Subdue the flesh without despising it, in humility and thankfulness.