Overcome [adjective]

Definition of Overcome:

overwhelmed; visibly moved

Synonyms of Overcome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcome:

Sentence/Example of Overcome:

He had fallen into a chair, faint and overcome, as tears came to his eyes.

This computation covers only the machine's power to overcome resistance.

What was the matter with her that she was less gay, and that she was so overcome by this delicious pang?

What had he said, what was the word he had just pronounced, that she should be so overcome by it?

She listened to him, silent, overcome with compassion, yet very happy withal.

He seemed shrivelled and bent, as if some sudden weakness had overcome him.

Mr Verloc moved his hands slightly, as if overcome by an impossible suggestion.

But the yearning towards the parent country is too strong to be overcome.

The weariness of Castell had overcome him again, however, for he snored at his side.

Lady Delacour was overcome by the tenderness with which Belinda spoke.