Unmoved [adjective]

Definition of Unmoved:


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Sentence/Example of Unmoved:

This very hour our eyes have been shocked with that which would have left you unmoved.

Why, he asked himself, was he unmoved by a woman who was so attractive?

How can you be so unmoved yourself, yet so able to move every body else?

"No, only the Injians," said he, unmoved; and the maiden and I laughed.

He looked at the Baron, whose countenance, however, was unmoved.

Now that which is unmoved must surely be at rest, and that which is at rest must stand still?

It says much for Peter Blood that the argument should have left him unmoved.

But that evening, as always since the time of the separation, Mrs. Quiggin was unmoved by it.

How strange it was for nature to be so beautiful and so unmoved!

Tell him, sir, that his threats leave this garrison as unmoved as do his promises.