Rooted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rooted:

But his good qualities, if few, were of the strongest fiber, rooted in the deeps of him.

Weren't they, after all, to be envied, rooted as they were in their solid simplicity?

She understood only too well how deeply this rebellion was rooted.

Our poor Caleb had for years rooted his thoughts to his village.

But, ah, it is not in the song of the bards to sooth the rooted sorrow of Evelina.

But the claim of woman for freedom is rooted deep in the past.

How you have shaken all my most rooted opinions of the residence of virtue among mankind!

It is rooted in the need of understanding and being understood.

Roma, who had forgotten all about the Baron, was rooted to the spot on which she stood.

These men mean that Puritanism shall be rooted out of England.