Grounded [verb]

Definition of Grounded:

base, set; educate

Synonyms of Grounded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grounded:

Sentence/Example of Grounded:

Singapore Airlines ultimately didn’t follow through on the flights to nowhere idea, opting instead in October for a grounded experience that offered customers dinner and a movie on a double-decker A380 plane for $37 to $440.

Come up off your grounded hand, and bring your torso to an upright position.

And the lead wire from the aerials, well grounded, was brought directly in from overhead and connected with the radio set.

If it spreads beyond his premises and harms others his liability for the harm must be grounded on his negligence.

If a boatman has grounded the ship of a man and has refloated her, he shall give money to half her price.

As he spoke another raft took the shore, and then they grounded so rapidly that it was impossible to count them.

As the boat grounded upon the other shore, a piece of shell tore through his drum.

The inference only would have been ill grounded; I should have ascribed those sensations to a wrong cause.

The fate of those who remained proved that the fugitives forebodings had been well grounded.

To constitute a nation, its informing principle and purpose and right must be grounded on eternal bases.