Tutor [noun]

Definition of Tutor:

person who teaches another privately

Synonyms of Tutor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tutor:

Sentence/Example of Tutor:

I don't apprehend that a young nobleman ever broke his heart after his tutor.

He graduated at Yale college, and was subsequently a tutor in that institution.

He came to Weimar with a tutor to learn German when I happened to be living there.

She was the daughter of his Cambridge tutor—penniless, pretty, and musical.

I had no tutor to direct me or take any of the responsibility off me.

I called on the tutor this morning, and I told him of my intention to work.

After some hesitation my tutor fixed on the part of Cordelia.

But how should a tutor or secretary be in possession of his employer's money?

His first impression of his tutor was one of insignificance.

Sincerity and plain-speaking were to govern the relation of tutor and pupil.