Mentor [noun]

Definition of Mentor:

person who advises

Synonyms of Mentor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mentor:

Sentence/Example of Mentor:

Meanwhile her mentor, Mr. Day, was delighted at the interruption of her task.

Mrs. Vansittart had no intention of resigning her position of mentor and friend.

For once let us be your mentors—you who have always been the mentor of others.

"I understand you, and I do not think you silly at all," said her mentor.

And how could she write fiction with such a one for mentor and company?

In his own heart he was loathing this role of arbiter and mentor.

That is my bosom friend, my more than brother, my mentor and my guide.

He sought Mentor Graham, the schoolmaster, and asked his advice.

Ye would not check the insolence of the suitors, even when Mentor bade you do it.

At once Athena stood by his side in the guise and with the voice of Mentor.